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In many cases, the wire was removed by open surgery or by pulling out the wires under the fluoroscopy guidance [3,4,9,10]. Only a few cases have reported the. An eighteen-gauge needle was inserted in the internal jugular vein, and after confirming smooth backflow, guide wire was passed which went smoothly. The needle. Ultrasound-guided venous access is becoming a standard technique in many centers worldwide. In small veins and in the pediatric population. The guide wire had migrated to the brain and punctured the vascular wall of the aortic arch. Interventions: Due to the risks of surgery, the patient was advised. Seldinger's technique is widely used to place central venous and arterial terms “guidewire,” “J-wire,” “central venous catheter,” and “complications” in. Central venous catheter placement is a relatively common procedure in current practice, but it is not devoid of risks. Utmost care must be taken to follow a. We experienced a case of venous vessel wall entrapment between the introducer needle and the guide wire during an attempt to perform right. access was obtained via the right internal jugular vein A case report using a new technique for wire retrieval and a review of the literature. always before dilatation of the axillary/subclavian vein. The catheterization of the subclavian veins was performed according to the technique of Fragou and. An attempt was made to insert a central venous catheter (CVC) in the right subclavian vein. The patient was placed in the Trendelenburg position, with head.

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